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Wine accessories for a professional and well-groomed appearance
You’ve come to the right place for serving a perfect glass of wine. Ambience, style and tailor-made work are the core values ​​to which Barprofessional is committed. With its extensive collection of wine accessories, such as wine coolers and wine knives, Barprofessional is the wholesale supplier. The coolers and trays are available in plastic or metal and are also suitable for one or more bottles.

As an importer of the product The Glass Chiller and the Pulltex Wine Tools brand, we are the gastronomy specialist par excellence. Pulltex-wijntoebehoren

Bar professional: wine accessories for the professional!
In addition to wine coolers and bowls, our range of wine accessories includes wine and champagne stoppers, openers and wine knives. But Barprofessional also offers various wine racks. In the dimensions you require, of course.

A complete range of wine accessories for an optimal ambience in the gastronomy area. Because we know better than anyone else that the right ambience pays off – for both wholesale and catering businesses.