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High quality wine tools for a professional
If you want to serve a perfect glass of wine then you’ve come to the right place. Atmosphere, appearance and customisation. That’s what Barprofessional stands for. With its extensive collection of wine tools and wine buckets and wine coolers Barprofessional is the supplier for the wholesale industry. The wine coolers and wine bowls are available in plastic or metal dePulltex-wijntoebehorensigns and suitable for one or a number of bottles. As importer of The Glass Chiller and Pulltex Wine Tools, we are the ultimate hospitality specialist.

Professional wine tools for the professional sommelier
Besides wine coolers and wine bowls, our range of wine tools also includes wine and champagne stoppers, openers and waiter’s corkscrews. Barprofessional also supplies a selection of wine racks. In the required dimensions, of course. All to create the best appearance in the hospitality sector. Because we know better than anyone else that appearance makes all the difference. To both wholesalers and entrepreneurs in the hospitality industry.

If you’re looking to serve a perfect glass of wine then look no further. We are the importers of The Glass Chiller and Pulltex Wine Tools. We have a beautiful range of wine coolers and bowls. For real wine connoisseurs, we have a range of accessories for serving, preserving and storing wines.