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Barista tools & accessories for professional coffee makers
A delicious cup of coffee. Something we all value very much. To optimally prepare this coffee, the right barista tools are especially important. Think of the right milk frothing jugs and a good tamper. Which bar or coffee corner can do without the barista tools from Barprofessional? All necessities for the barista and professional coffee maker. From tools for ‘Latte Art’ to cleaning materials for your espresso machines. For a perfect cup of cappuccino, latte macchiato or doppio espresso, use the professional coffee maker barista tools from Barprofessional. We supply all consumables for the professional beverage sector. With more than a hundred years of experience, we know exactly what the catering industry needs.

Barista accessories: from cocoa spreaders to brushes
When preparing coffee, consider cocoa sprinklers (with decorative moulds), sugar boxes, brushes and a cleaning set. We deal with everything related to the coffee product; with guidance from preparation to the first sip of coffee the customer takes.

So are you a wholesaler looking for supplies for hot or cold drinks? Then take a look at the catalog on this website. Barprofessional stands for quality, passion and customer focus.