Bartender Roll Complete Set Copper

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Bartender roll complete set copper containing the following:

  • Bartender roll
  • Boston Shaker 28/18 oz
  • Muddler copper
  • Ice pick 3-prong
  • Julep strainer
  • Hawthorn strainer
  • Barspoon Masher 30cm
  • Japanese style jigger copper 25/50ml
  • Freeflow pourer copper
  • Curved straws copper 6mm
  • Barblade copper
  • Lemon & Lime squeezer

Contains all high-end essential tools for making the perfect cocktail. The perfect tools for every bartender!


At Barprofessional we have extensive expertise in the bar and hospitality branch. We sell high quality products ranging from bar- & cocktail tools, barware, wine tools, coffee- & barista tools, food and hygiene.

Why Barprofessional?

  • All bar supplies from A to Z
  • Innovative, qualitative and above all functional
  • More than 100 years of experience

Take a look around on our website, we are available for any questions or advice.

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