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Coffee tools & barista tools for professionals
A delicious cup of coffee. Something we all attach great value to. To prepare a great cup of coffee the right tools are vital. The right milk frothing jugs, for example, and a good tamper. Which bar of coffee corner could possibly manage without Barprofessional barware? All the tools for baristas and indeed anyone else who makes coffee professionally. From ´Latte Art´ tools to cleaning materials for your espresso machines. Use our Barprofessional coffee tools to make that perfect cup of cappuccino, latte macchiato or doppio espresso.We provide all supplies for the professional beverage sector. With over a hundred years’ experience, we know exactly what the hospitality sector needs.

Coffee tools: from cocoa shakers to brushes
Remember, coffee-making equipment also includes cocoa shakers (with stencils), sugar boxes, brushes and a cleaning set. We are involved in everything that has anything to do with the product coffee; offering advice on the preparation right up to the first sip the customer takes.So if you are a wholesaler to the hospitality industry looking for tools to prepare hot and cold drinks, take a look at the catalogue on this website. Barprofessional stands for quality, passion and customer orientation.